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A Message of Gratitude to Our Valued Clients

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November 15, 2023 | By: Allison Gross, DVM & Ry Huegel

Union Veterinary Clinic has been a privately owned clinic since its inception in 2002. Owners Dr. Allison Gross and Ry Huegel are committed to maintaining that status! They are DC residents and take great pride in serving their neighbors and friends within the community. In recent years, there has been a surge in the acquisition of veterinary practices by large corporations as well as venture capital back groups starting their own chain of practices. These acquisitions are often not widely publicized, making it challenging to distinguish between privately-owned and corporate-owned veterinary facilities.

Union Veterinary Clinic stands as one of the few remaining locally-owned veterinary clinics in the nation’s capital. You might be wondering why we’ve clung so fiercely to our family-owned roots. The answer, simply put, is you. Our clients, our extended family, and our patients have been the driving force behind our determination to remain in local hands. We strive to maintain our focus on the enduring relationships we’ve built with you and your cherished pets. We refuse to submit to the one-size-fits-all approach with corporate-set medical protocols that veterinarians are required to follow.

While we’re a business and profitability matters, we’ve chosen a different path. Our priority is and has always been the well-being of our patients, our clients, and our dedicated staff. Sadly, many corporate-owned practices now find themselves in the clutches of veterinary consolidators and the relentless pressure of private equity firms. Their singular goal is rapid growth and soaring profits to satisfy the appetites of their investors.

In a world where the corporate tide is rising, Union Veterinary Clinic remains an anchor for locally-owned, personalized pet care. We owe our steadfast commitment to you, our extended family, and it’s your trust that fuels our dedication. We don’t just appreciate your support; we cherish it.

Thank you for choosing us, for being part of our story, and for allowing us to continue providing the exceptional care your beloved pets deserve.