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Get Peace of Mind When You Board Your Cat at Union Vet

If your cat is ill or needs to be observed after surgery, you can rest assured she will be safe and comfortable in our boarding facility at Union Veterinary Clinic in Washington D.C.

Our Cat Boarding Policy

In order for a cat to be boarded at Union Veterinary Clinic, he must be a current patient and current on all vaccines (unless a veterinarian has discontinued vaccines due to age or health reasons).

New patients must have a pre-boarding examination with one of our veterinarians. The examination can be performed with an appointment on the same day you wish to start boarding.

We will provide all blankets, bowls, litter boxes, and food. If you bring your own food or medication, please notify the receptionist at drop-off. If your cat is taking medication, please be sure to provide enough for the duration of their stay.

Due to our building size, we cannot store carriers for all of our boarders. Please be aware you will need to take carrier(s) home with you. At arrival, allow enough time to completely fill out the boarding consent form. This will help us to properly care for your cat while you’re away.

A technician will check every cat for fleas upon arrival. Any pet with fleas will be treated with a substance of the doctor’s choosing.

Dog Boarding

Dogs are boarded at our beautiful boarding facility, Shady Spring Pet Retreat, in Woodbine, MD. Your dog can conveniently be dropped off at our clinic and are transported via air-conditioned shuttle bus to their vacation getaway. Please visit the Shady Spring Pet Retreat Facebook page!

Shady Spring Pet Retreat does not accept leashes or carriers. Our clinic does not accept payment for boarding, transportation or services provided by Shady Spring Pet Retreat (Kennel).