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Safe, Effective Spay and Neuter Surgeries in Washington, D.C.

You want the absolute best for your best friend. That includes spay or neuter surgery that’s simple to schedule, comfortable…and as safe and non-traumatic as possible.

Trust your pet’s well-being to the experts at our veterinary clinic.

Why Spay or Neuter?

When you spay (female) or neuter (male) your dog or cat, you are doing a great thing because…

  • You will be helping to control the population of unwanted animals. According to the ASPCA, 6.3 million companion animals enter U.S. shelters every year.
  • Spaying your female dog or cat before her first heat will decrease her chances of developing breast cancer and uterine tumors.
  • Neutering your male dog or cat will prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems.
  • Neutered males are less likely to spray (urinate to mark territory) and wander away from home.
  • Spayed females will not go into heat (bleeding, howling, frequent urination).

When to Spay or Neuter?

It’s never too late to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered; however, you can prevent disease and some behavioral complications if you have it done as early as possible.

The age at which we recommend spaying and neutering can vary between species and breeds. Consult with our veterinarians to determine the best age for sterilizing your particular dog or cat.

Minimally Invasive Spay and Neuter Procedures

For most dogs, laparoscopic surgery is an option. These types of spay and neuter procedures result in faster recovery times, less pain, and less chance of infection.

For everything you need to know about your pet’s surgery, have a look at the Union Veterinary Clinic surgery brochure.

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